19 | 07 | 2024

Improved profile for stretched ceilings in black and white.

New bagetWe have changed a shape of our mounting PVC profile.

New profile is ideal for straight and curved walls and well adjusted to our harpoons and decorative seals.

Colours: white and black.

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PVC profiles from manufacturer

Profile LLC offers the wide assortment of PVC profiles for finishing and stretched ceilings.

There are: corner beads, sealing quadrant mouldings (white and with the inflicted structure), door jamb, perforated corner beads for room finishing; harpoons, decorative seals and mounting U-profiles for stretched ceilings. The Ukrainian products do not yield to the imported analogues in quality and allows to economize facilities to the buyers, especially in the conditions of unstable course of foreign currencies. 

Profile LLC guarantees high-quality fulfilment of Your order in the earliest possible dates and in a complete assortment. We hope that honesty of our firm will allow to create maximally convenient and comfort terms for a collaboration. An own motor transport allows deliver your orders operatively in the different regions of Ukraine and abroad.

European firms can purchase our products from Polish importer firm REFIMEX.

For your convenience

we have changed a packaging rate of decorative seal R from 250m to 100m.

TLX decorative seal for stretched ceiling
Dear friends!
We started production of decorative TLX seal for stretched ceiling - joint project with PROPOTOLOK.

заглушка для монтажа натяжных потолков
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